Large a Unicorn Horn Hand Carved Selenite Wand

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Dimensions of Wand-12-1/2” Length, 1-1/4” diameter at widest point.

Benefits of a Selenite Wand

A Selenite Wand is one of the most efficient crystal healing tool a person can possess in their crystal healing tool box. There are thousands of crystals running through the entire length of the wand, making it an extremely potent energy tool. The formation process occurs under the immense pressure of the earth which provides it its strong energy transmitting properties, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the wand holder.

 Many Different Uses:

·Ideal Energy tool for all types of Energy cleansing and healing.

·Great for cleansing Aura Fields.

·Cleanses and programs other crystals, stones, or jewelry.

·Amplifies ENERGY

·Can quickly unblock stagnant and negative energy.

·Helps dispel all negative energy from body, mind, and spirit.

·Great for mediation.

·For all Energy Healing and Lightwork.


Why Choose Our Wands?

Each wand we create is truly unique with it's own vibration and character. Although some designs follow a theme, i.e. spiral wands, each wand is hand carved and crafted without following a mass produced pattern. In fact, an accurate description would be that the wands evolve from the starting material. The wands are used by Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Shamans, Metaphysicians, Kinesologists, and energy workers all over the world.


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Some of the wands have the addition of extra crystals and minerals to produce an appropriate blend of energy through the wand. The energy and unique vibration of each crystal will blend with the vibrant flow of light energy through the selenite, like a cord played on a guitar.

Do not use the salt water bath technique to cleanse a selenite wand, as it is very soluble in water. Selenite is very soft, it can be scratched by a fingernail, so treat the wand with care and it will serve you and the light for a lifetime.


Spiral wands are characterized by focused energy flows. In addition to the powerful naturally flowing light energy of selenite, the carving of spirals further concentrates the energy. This has the effect of producing very powerful localized energy flows, which can be used in healing, meditation and manifestation work.

These wands are perfect for those applications which require a very precise focus of intent and energy.

These are large Selenite wands with hand carved spirals running down them.

Wand Use

Once having obtained your wand, either buying one or making your own, what to do with it? The simple answer will be to follow your own intuition, but the following tried and tested techniques have worked for us. Wands are rod like in shape, and generally, one end collects energy that is focused down the wand and directed to bring about change. One of the most common designs utilizes a sphere as the collector and a point at the other end as a director. Wands are normally held in the right hand. Energetically we receive energy with the left hand and give with the right hand. Focus your intent and then direct the energy through the wand to the recipient. The wand may be used in this fashion to draw sacred symbols, connect crystals in a grid or matrix, or direct energy to a person, time or place.

One of the prime uses of a wand is in healing. The wand may be used in whatever fashion feels appropriate. The wand may be passed up and down the recipient pointed at wounds or energy blockages etc and energy will be directed in. In addition, the wand may be placed base down on the recipient in order to draw negative energy or pain etc out. Once this energy is drawn out, it is important to transmute this negativity and there are a number of methods to achieve this. Wands may be laid on a recipient to balance the energy system, or to open the Chakra chain. Simply place the wand on or near the recipient and instruct the wand to perform the task. I work my wand by laying it by a client and focusing my intent that the wand open the energy system of the client and dissolve any energy blocks the energy encounters that are no longer serving. I also state positively that this is for the highest good of all involved.


In addition to healing wands may be used as an aid to meditation simply by holding the wand in the meditative state. In time, most practitioners develop a method of working with the wand that suits them; this page is intended as a general guide to enable you to develop a technique, which works for you. Feel free to experiment, but we recommend that before working with any energetic process a simple affirmation that what will take place occurs for the highest good of you and any recipient is good practice.