Protection Crystal Grid

  • $29.98

This Grid has the following dimensions for the pieces,

Amethyst Point with the dimensions of 31mmx21mmx15mm apache tears 4 pieces range from 21mm to 18mm width ranges from 19mm to 15mm and the heights range from 18mm to 12mm , 2 pieces blue kyanize 27mmx12mmx6mm and 17mmx5mmx4mm , selenite grid 4 big pieces range between the lengths of 14.5cm and 19.5cm the widths between 2cm and 2.8cm and the heights between 2.1cm and 3cm, 10 quartz points range between the lengths of 25mm and 42mm, calcite 11mmx9mmx8mm and 10mmx9mmx9mm and 1 chakra set which consists of Red Jasper 22mmx16mmx9mm, Carnelian 20mmx17mmx6mm, Yellow Jasper 29mmx18mmx9mm, Unakite 25mmx17mmx6mm, Amazonite 21mmx19mmx6mm, Sodalite 29mmx16mmx9mm, and Quartz23mmx18mmx10mm....